As an experimental company CREW aims to visualize how technology is changing us. The art form that is used for this purpose and that quite simply engages the body of the spectator, is immersion. There are multiple ways of sharing immersive environments with the public but the main critera is for the art form to be live: theatre, installations and performances. These real-time creations anchor the immersive experience in the here and now. In the here and now the sole contact point between humans and technology. In the here and now CREW confronts a wide and international audience personally and bodily with that which surrounds us, our place in it and the way we perceive ourselves.

Scientific Fiction is the best description of Eric Joris’ way of working with an international network of artists and scientists. Where the well-known Science Fiction is a genre that typically paints a fantastic future, Scientific Fiction is CREW’s method of providing a glimpse of the future by questioning new digital possibilities and putting them to use in an alternative way.

News: Cosmic Flower

CREW_lab,  Cosmic Flower.

For 'Coup de Ville 2020', CREW_lab showcases research inspired by the work of neuropsychiatrist Dr. Georges Otte and neurosurgeon/scientist Dr. Dirk De Ridder. Together with CREW they developed an environment where art, VR and biofeedback can be used to treat certain psychopathologies, especially depressions.

CREW_lab created a VR-environment with visual metaphors generated by a patient's state of mind. Different psychological parameters, read by neurologists and neuropsychiatrists by means of biofeedback (heartrate variability, GVS, EEG) , visually alter the environment both patient and doctors find themselves in together,  in real time. Obviously, this requires a certain amount of neurological 'input'from the patient.

Biofeedback in combination with  full body free movement, that involves both the patient as the therapist moving around in the same VR-environment, offers a very vivid image of a patient's behaviour. This opens up interesting possibilities towards self-healing and self-treatment.


Coup de Ville 2020 and 'Cosmic Flower'

What we showcase in this edition of Coup de Ville, are the first cornerstones of this VR-environment.

The reactions from the audience will help us evaluate this environment.

The visual metaphor we use is the flower, following the theme of the festival 'Chasing Flowers'.

Dr. Ericson (1901~1980) already used this image very successfully in his hypnotherapy. The metaphor is a symbol for the cycle of life and it encourages to transcend negative states of mind.

Fictitious worlds could help us fundamentally alter our physical existence.





You'll find more information on the website:

Saturday 03.10.2020

Don Bosco-kerk, Gladiolenstraat, 9100 Sint-Niklaas



Concept: Isjtar, Eric Joris, Georges Otte, Dirk De Ridder

Interaction design: Isjtar

3D environments and scans: Isjtar, Eric Joris

Coordination: Jean Pierre Deschepper

Production: CREW& W.a.r.p.


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